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Customer Service effects everyone in an organization from management, directly to operations and to the customer. Good customer service develops, builds and maintains relationships with its human resource, businesses and the client. You can’t go and build relationships with others if you haven’t formed these relationships with your staff. Basically do onto others as you would want done to you.

Customer Service produces two sets of results: satisfaction in understanding the client needs and an expectation to have the client’s needs be met with the product or service. Reps need to satisfy the expectation in the communication of the product. It shouldn’t matter what role you hold in a company the bottom line is you are still representing that organization and you should be trained on the customer service of the brand. Because communication of expectations and satisfaction begin in the early phases of production, branding, marketing and sales strategies.

Leaders and owners of business need to have hard hearts of gold and big ears that listen. Understandably, business owners work so hard at producing whether it is a service or a product that some become infatuated with the final product and progress stops. In order for businesses to evolve and succeed we need to listen and observe our customers and their needs.

Businesses need to be engaged in the concepts and move their products or services along. For example: Bakeries started baking whole wheat products because it became healthier choice and the market evolved to a more health conscious market. This was obvious with the largest hamburger chain in the world, McDonalds who introduced a healthy choice menu of salads and grilled chicken breast. Or cable companies who came to provide wireless and internet services. And so on… Your business to stay alive needs to grow and evolve.

However no matter what business you are in when a client opens your door or calls your phone, or clicks on your website consider it a privilege. The stage lights are on an it’s your time to shine.

How does your business become a stage of service? By connecting all the dots, making sure all the players behind the scene and on stage know their roles and know the story. I use the theatre as an analogy because of the investment that is made in the people and the production. Whether on stage or behind the scenes both roles know and are focused on the output, ‘the show’.

The reality is that the cast’s family and friends become the first viewers and ticket holders. If the cast is not happy with the story they wouldn’t push their family and friends to attend. But if the actors and actresses and all of the crew love the story and the production. Rest assured that family will attend and bring friends, friends and more friends. It’s a real domino effect. So be nice!

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September 14, 2016

Gatorade Story

If your brand is strong and is recognized in one market it does not mean you will reach the pinnacle of success and recognition in another.
Most worldwide brands before entering a new market in a different country will study the potential growth. More so brands are learning from experience that one needs to investigate the relationship of existing brands to their retailer and the consumer in order measure the tolerance of new competition entering the game.

In 1995 when Gatorade entered into the Lebanese market, Quaker Oats backed distribution company with dollars for advertising and a way they went. Nothing was going to hold this brand down. This was an amazing time in Lebanon’s reconstruction efforts from a 15 year civil war, expatriates from all over the world were coming back to live and invest. Markets were booming and companies wanted in.
Gatorade went in with an aggressive advertising budget showcasing their main celebrity face Michael Jordan and the “I want be like Mike” campaign. This plan was a slam dunk, it had success written all over it. Not! Gatorade barely made it not even generating any market share worth bragging about. With very little money left to their budget the direction changed course as market research took the ball and advertising was benched.
Gatorade’ s success into the Lebanese market was based on complete engagement principals of advocacy and brand culture, relationships and business development.

The history of the beverage market in Lebanon is controlled by one supplier. From advertising, celebrity sponsorships, to market shelf, Pepsi controls the market share, this is no secret as millions of dollars are dumped into Lebanon’s beverage industry annually. Gatorade was already at a disadvantage upon entering, even though their worldwide success proved otherwise. For Gatorade to succeed in this market they needed to overcome many challenges and growing pains were going to hurt.

We needed to know the brand inside out from the Stokely VanCamp days, Florida Gators to the national stage. Everyone in sports needed to want Gatorade. And with plenty expatriates coming into the country there was going to be an emotional tie to the brand with consumers.
Our team had to be forward thinking and a step ahead. Our engagement had to be result driven to carve a piece of the market share. We needed to profile our consumer in order to identify our target market which we did successfully.

Within seven months we had gained 8 percent of the market share. We had penetrated a market with a sports drink gaining visibility and profits.
Our success was based on completed engagement of product culture followed by solid communication with head office, the sales team working the B2B, while market research worked the B2C with qualitative Q&A and sponsorships from marathons, tournaments and indirectly supplying the PAN Arab Game athletes with products.

We were one fine oiled machine, we understood our roles and together worked for one goal. Our success was inevitable.

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