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Pleased to Meet You
Pleased to Meet You


My Story

I really believe that small business is the heart beat of the market place. I am a wife, a mother of four, a lover of people and an experienced business, and board consultant with an interesting story. My business experience began as a child on the front lines of my parents’ small business, Hanna’s Bakery. Hanna’s Bakery was where my love for business, customer service and relationship building began, but my journey didn’t end there.

I really believe in the positive impact of small business and charity in Ottawa

I earned the opportunity to work in market research and was afforded the responsibility of managing accounts for great brands like Gatorade, J&B Scotch, Dunhill Lights and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Over the years I have also fulfilled the role of president, vice president and board member on various boards and committees (in Outaouais). I have worked on various city-wide projects for businesses and organizations like Growing Up Great (a United Way initiative), NGO's, local school boards, religious boards, and had a wonderful time serving on the Ontario Coalition For Better Child Care and Child Care Council, as well as management on the front lines in an Ottawa-based child care facility.

Developing a strong business or organization really depends heavily upon defining its identity, tailoring its product/service offerings, creating a plan around fostering its relationship with customers/stakeholders, and creating strong messaging to connect with its target audience.

My experience as a small business and non-profit consultant has given me some interesting perspectives around business and has fueled my passion for connecting the dots for businesses and organizations.

I’m pleased to meet you. Let’s connect.


Let's Connect

We’d like to sit down with you to hear about some of your business challenges, and begin to make connections that will move your business forward.